Who We Are

Mollie Storey

Mollie Storey has two precious gems, daughters, ages 7 and 5. One of them looks so much like her mother, you can see in her the girl Mollie used to be, growing up in Richmond, always bejeweled, dreaming of a career that would surround her with the thing she loved most: jewelry.

Mollie earned a B.A. from the University of Virginia in 1996. She and her husband lived in Atlanta until the exotic allure of southeast Asia drew them to Thailand. In Bangkok Mollie attended the Gemological Institute of America. Within a year she became a Graduate Gemologist with additional degrees in pearls and jewelry design. She was on her way back to Richmond, her dream on its way to reality.

Now a jewelry veteran in retail, construction, and design, Mollie’s busy creating one-of-a-kind treasures and searching the globe for fabulous finds. She can put the perfect piece around your neck for an amazing event, transform your grandmother’s gold chains into a showstopper dinner ring, or design an utterly new heirloom that may set your daughter dreaming of a career in jewelry.

Marguerite Davis

Jewelry drives Marguerite Davis. It drives her to dress in black to make her jewelry pop. It drives her to notice the color of a client’s eyes. It even drove her out the door of her engineering job at IBM to spend lunch hours at a jewelry store, peppering the clerks with technical questions about their wares. Perhaps inevitably, Marguerite’s BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia gave way to a Graduate Gemologist degree in 1994. Then the sparkling stuff drove her across the Atlantic to study at Sotheby’s. In 1995, The Davis Collection was born.

Marguerite comes naturally by her love of jewels. Her mother loves them; her sister loves them; her grown daughter loves them, too. Like a matchmaker, Marguerite is bent on finding just the right thing for each client, the right home for each piece of jewelry. She loves the thrill of the hunt, so she’s always looking beyond the case. She factors in your hair, your eyes, your lifestyle, your budget… then searches estate sales, design shows, far-flung jewelers, and a cache of contacts made over 15 years of buying and selling jewelry. She turns her engineer’s eye on every find, scrutinizing stones under the microscope to be sure the diamonds have the best cut and the sapphires are screaming blue.

If Marguerite’s not climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or combing a shoe sale for great deals, she’s likely hunting for jewelry, no matter whether she’s in Miami, Richmond, or Nantucket, at work, or at play.