Black out…

Peter Som

I finally have my Internet working after hurricane Irene blew through.  It has taken forever and bear with me for the next few days, as our provider still hasn’t worked out all the kinks.  So, in light of our extended Internet outage and brief few days without electricity (although, it seemed like an eternity), I felt it appropriate that I focus on all things black.  Fall fashion for 2011 has accessories in the black – people are wearing black on black and, I have more than ever, seen lots of pieces with black diamonds and blackened gold accents.

These black diamond and leopard jasper earrings by Phillips Frankel are so fresh and a great transition piece.  Could dress up jeans and a tee but be perfect with a little black cocktail dress – or even worn with a solid color, dark red would look really cool.

Lulu Frost, J Crew, $118

Oscar de la Renta, $440, Net-A-Porter

Nixon, $450

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