Design Inspiration

It doesn’t take much to inspire me to make or design a piece of jewelry.  Just about anything can get me thinking and churning out ideas and drawings.  I love flipping through magazines, looking at clothes and fabric designs.  Pictures are a great source of inspiration and with the Internet – there is never a shortage of material, just time!

I love the colors in this photo and could totally design a ring around it.  I would use yellow gold with a deep golden color, maybe 18k or 22k with pink and blue tourmalines, maybe even some fire opal for the orange with some smaller tsavorite garnets to add a little green.

This picture would make a great ring (and a good drink!) – use a cabochon; a hot pink tourmaline, surrounded by small faceted colored sapphires in a huge array of colors.



Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for – custom design is a great way to go!

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