Herve Van der Straeten, Making a Statement…

I am back from NYC where I had a fun and friend filled weekend of shopping, eating and Christening.  The food was delicious, the friends were hilarious and the baby was beautiful but one of the things I am most excited about from the weekend was a pair of earrings I purchased at… Bergdorf’s, by Herve Van der Straeten.  They spoke to me from across the room (along with several other things but these were actually affordable).  The best word to describe them is DRAMATIC.

Van der Straeten started out as a jewelry designer but has since expanded into furniture.  One look at his jewelry and you can see his sculptural design and bold sophisticated lines with exact angles and curves and know that he must have an engineering background.  He uses 24k gold plated brass – so you can have the luxe look but without the price tag.


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