Not Getting Jewelry Gifts???



“I think I hurt his feelings, but honestly where am I going to wear something that fancy?”

“I like chunky things and this traditional little bracelet is just not what I would want.”

“I can’t believe he spent that much money right now.”

“If he’s going to spend that much, then I want it to be something that I really like”

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?? I’ve thought about writing this blog for a long time and just couldn’t figure out how to make it brief.

Then it hit me……..a client whose husband bought her TONS of jewelry once told me, “ANYthing my husband gives me, I LOVE”.

And it’s that simple, really.

The corollary being…..if you do NOT want jewelry as a gift, this is very easy. Simply RETURN/DON’T LIKE/DON’T WEAR what he gives you and I promise that you won’t be getting much more!


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