On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

Deanna Hamro silver

Today’s Featured Jewel





You can’t go wrong with these earrings designed by the hip and trendy Deanna Hamro.   The juxtaposition of copper and sterling silver mixed with Swarovski crystals are the perfect combination of edginess and bling.  These will take you through your holiday party madness well into the New Year.  Prices start at $392.



A great everyday earring!

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2 Responses

  • Elizabeth says:

    I recently read your December 9th blog featuring the long drop Deanna Hamro earrings in a black crystal shade. Do you have the same “S Link” earrings in the Crystal Silver Shade and are they still available at the holiday discount?

    Happy holidays and Many thanks,


    • admin says:

      Elizabeth – We do still have the earrings in the silver shade and I would give it to you at the holiday price. They are so cool – I love them!

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