Has anyone else noticed that owls are becoming trendy?  Everywhere I look, those big eyes seem to be there.  I think it is part of the retro/boho chic trend.  People seem to be bringing them back from a long sleep in their mother’s or even grandmother’s jewelry box.  Well, as far as I am concerned – let them stay there.  This will be over as fast as you can say “hoot hoot’!  I mean if you already have one that was passed down or given to you – bring it out of hibernation but I wouldn’t invest much money into this trend.  It is of course, exactly that, a trend, and as we all know, they come and go often so just pick wisely which ones you want spend money on.  I think I will pass on this one.  Who knows though, if dolphins make a comeback – I may be the first in line.

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