Turquoise earrings

SJP turq earrings





I feel like these are a must have for spring/summer.  This color never seems to go out of style and it is becoming more and more of a neutral.  Turquoise goes with almost anything and when combined with just jeans and a white button down – it can add that perfect pop of color.  The above pair is by designer Siman Tu.



I love these Chanel earrings that Rachel Zoe is wearing.  They look amazing with her black cocktail dress and add some wow-factor to an otherwise boring dress.  But of course, this is Rachel Zoe, so she knew what she was doing.

With turquoise, you can’t go wrong.  It looks good on everyone – no matter what your skin tone or hair color… red, yellow, black or white – turquoise is color blind.




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My latest obsession…

Organizing.  I have been cleaning out drawers and putting things away all weekend.  Part of this is getting ready for spring but I have also started organizing my home, children and husband, in an effort to prepare for my 12 day trip to Peru.  I am going with my mother and leaving them to fend for themselves.  I know they can do it but they need all the advanced prep they can get!  If I had time to add to my list, I would tackle my jewelry, but in the mean time, here is a peek at what I would do (via Domino, Martha Stewart and Kelly Wearstler).


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Jewelry by Angelina

Brad Pitt



Angelina recently gave Brad a diamond necklace that had a love message inscribed by a laser, that can only be seen under a microscope.  This necklace then inspired a new jewelry line she created along with jeweler, Robert Procop.  The proceeds, thus far, go to the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict to build a school in Afghanistan.  She kept the line very simple using a monochromatic color scheme so the focus would be on the color of the stones and their shapes.  Here she is, above, wearing a pair of earrings from the new line to the Tourist film premier.


The jewelry is not for me, I like a little more complexity to my designs – add color, texture, different sized stones, do something to get me interested.  Sorry Ange, but I think Brad is the better accessory!

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The evil eye

evil eye market



No, no one is giving you the evil eye.  In fact these days, everyone is wearing them.  Kim likes them.  They are talismans of sorts – thought to ward off the curse of an evil eye.  People, all over the world, from the Middle East, Greece, Turkey to Mexico believe in the curse of the evil eye so there are many variations.  I like them and I have several because, frankly, I can always use a little help warding off the evil eye.   Two of them are really cool ones my mother brought me back from Istanbul from this shop, burtacin24k.com and I love them.  I am having them reconfigured now so I can wear them on a leather cord, gold chain or a choker.  I like to be able to switch ‘em up.

Sydney Evan makes a few great variations seen above on their stacking bracelets.  We have a few of these in the shop and a couple as pendants.  Come take a look!




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It’s a jungle out there…

I love jungle cats (just saying that reminds me of the movie, Hangover).  I love them in jewelry, their patterns on clothes and scattered throughout my house.  I think they are a little exotic and can be playful, yet a bit of a neutral.  They never seem to go completely out of style and jewelry designers are always reinventing ways to incorporate them into their pieces.  Here, Bulgari used beauty, Julianne Moore, and two lion cubs to introduce their 2010-2011 jewelry and handbag line.  Notice the clasp on the bag has two lion heads.
My long-time favorite ring is the above Cartier ring, set with diamonds and emeralds in white gold.  But I just saw the one below and thought it was pretty cool too and I love the diamond collar.   This one is a fraction of the cost and by Roberto Cavalli.
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