Paris, Mollie and Sydney Evan


My inaugural blog post – what should I write about…….the outrageously rare diamond that just sold at auction in London……that unbelievable deal on ebay for an Elizabeth Gage ring (but it’s an 8 and can’t be sized…….or the incredibly, heartbreakingly beautiful one of a kind diamond and pink sapphire bracelet in oxidized platinum that I saw 3 years ago and still dream about?

No….. for my first blog topic I am going to write about Paris and Mollie.

Last week I was in Paris with friends and of course the first thing we did was SHOPPING! My ultra chic friend Karen took me straight away to Collette, the very famous trend setting boutique…..they have the COOLEST of everything presented in art gallery style – books, music, clothing, scarves, shoes and JEWELRY.   And they show Sydney Evan! In fact they had one entire case dedicated to her  stackable bracelets.

Thanks to the great style and fashion forward taste of my chic younger partner Mollie, Davis has Sydney Evan bracelets also!  In fact, we had just gotten our first shipment of  bracelets and necklaces right before I left for Paris.  It’s the hottest thing – colorful stretchy bracelets with adorable diamond charms that you can mix and match and have a ball wearing all the time!  And amazing diamond charm necklaces for layering – or the iconic Sydney Evan “LOVE” necklace.

SO EXCITING that we are just going to have to have a Sydney Evan trunk show!

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