SO Just How Pink is Pink???

As a self-professed lover of pink and of things that sparkle, I have always taken a keen interest in pink gemstones. I happen to wear a pink sapphire and white diamond ring every day. Every so often, a client asks about pink diamonds.  Pink Diamonds are selling big these days and for big $$$$. But for all of that investment, just how pink is pink???


Sadly, the answer is “not very”, at least not in real life that is. Pictured above is the Martian Pink, a 12.04 carat fancy vivid pink diamond that just sold at auction for more than 17 million dollars! Now compare that to more of a real life photo of the exact same pink diamond. A bit disappointing if you ask me.


What’s the story with all of those fuchsia colored diamonds in the magazine ads? They’re either very small stones with very big price tags or hello photoshop!


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