The evil eye

evil eye market



No, no one is giving you the evil eye.  In fact these days, everyone is wearing them.  Kim likes them.  They are talismans of sorts – thought to ward off the curse of an evil eye.  People, all over the world, from the Middle East, Greece, Turkey to Mexico believe in the curse of the evil eye so there are many variations.  I like them and I have several because, frankly, I can always use a little help warding off the evil eye.   Two of them are really cool ones my mother brought me back from Istanbul from this shop, and I love them.  I am having them reconfigured now so I can wear them on a leather cord, gold chain or a choker.  I like to be able to switch ‘em up.

Sydney Evan makes a few great variations seen above on their stacking bracelets.  We have a few of these in the shop and a couple as pendants.  Come take a look!




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