What’s in your locket?

Kelly Rutherford MRK


Lockets are a bit of a throw back to times before but they are making a little bit of a comeback thanks to everything retro becoming new again but also to designers like Monica Rich Kosann. She has made a line of lockets that are like miniature picture frames.


Lockets come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect gift for any occasion, worn around the neck, on a charm bracelet or as a ring.  While most people fill theirs with photos of the their families, some people put a lock of hair or even sand from their favorite beach.  I have 2 lockets and have never put a picture in either of them.  You have to take extra care so they don’t get wet and finding just the right picture was tough for me so I never bothered with it.  My daughter received her first locket this year for Christmas.  Of course, I was hoping she would want a picture of her parents or sister but I was putting most of my money on her beloved cat, Gus.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong – she has spent weeks looking for the perfect photo of Harry Potter!

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